American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Rehabilitation Webinar

Thursday 23rd of February 10:00 am

The ATS Assembly on Pulmonary Rehabilitation announces the next edition of its Journal Club, on 23rd of February at 10am (AEDT), on the benefits of exercise on inflammation in people with asthma.

Ms Paola Urroz MSc (University of Newcastle) will present the paper entitled ‘Comparing the effect of acute moderate and vigorous exercise on inflammation in adults with asthma: a randomized controlled trial’. This paper was published in Annals of ATS by Dr Hayley Scott PhD (University of Newcastle) and colleagues.

We will be joined by one of the authors of the paper, Dr Hayley Scott PhD (University of Newcastle), Dr Asghar Abbasi PhD (UCLA), Dr Alex Jenkins PhD (McGill University), and Dr Mariana Hoffman Barbosa PhD (Monash University), experts in our field, will serve as online discussion panelists. The discussion will be moderated by Dr Hayley Lewthwaite PhD (University of Newcastle)