Professor Richard Beasley

Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand


Professor Richard Beasley has been the Director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand (NZ) since 2001 and a consultant physician to the Capital and Coast District Health Board since 1988. He holds Professorial roles at the Victoria University of Wellington, NZ (since 2017) and the University of Southampton, United Kingdom (Honorary, since 2001). Previously Richard was a Professor of Medicine and Head of Department at the University of Otago NZ, where he still maintains an adjunct position.

Research Interest

Richard has led research that led to identifying the cause of the NZ asthma mortality epidemic, the role of preservatives in paradoxical bronchoconstriction with nebuliser solutions, the inflammatory basis of mild asthma, the development and use of asthma self-management plans, and the efficacy of anti-inflammatory reliever therapy in asthma.

Role in Centre of Excellence in Treatable Traits

Chief Investigator

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