Project Description

Corticosteroid tablets, such as prednisone are a powerful and lifesaving treatment for people with asthma. But these tablets also have negative side effects, especially when taken too often and in large doses.

It is common for patients to talk about the debilitating effects that long term steroids have on their life:

To reduce these debilitating effects on patients and the cost to the healthcare system, we are conducting a study that aims to reduce oral corticosteroid use in patients with asthma.

The Minimising Oral Corticosteroid Use in Asthma using Treatable Traits (TTOCS) Study investigates whether a new personalised approach to managing asthma, called treatable traits, can reduce the use of these medications. This approach involves identifying and treating other medical problems, risk factors and behaviours that may make the person’s asthma worse.

To help us test this approach, we are looking for adults with asthma who have taken corticosteroid tablets (e.g., prednisone) in the past 24 months. Eligible participants will be randomised to one of the two study arms. All participants will receive additional asthma care and the participants randomised to the intervention arm will receive the treatment based on the new personalised treatment approach.  

The TTOCS Study is being conducted at multiple sites across Australia and will involve face to face and phone visits over a 12-month period.


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Newcastle, NSW                                                                                                   

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Name: Amber Smith                                                     

Phone: (02) 4042 0134                                                   



Perth, WA 

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Name: Meagan Shorten

Phone: (08) 6151 0944  



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