Training Resources & Development

A key objective of our Centre is to train the next generation of respiratory researchers and clinicians. We have developed a very strong and innovative strategy to build new research capability, and to mentor and provide outstanding career development for the health and medical research workforce. We have carefully designed solutions and measures for integrating new researchers into teams of excellence.

We have an exciting range of training opportunities that will be rolled out from 2021 and beyond. These include:

Training opportunities for the respiratory community

Annual Scientific Programmes – We will host an annual scientific meeting. The programmes will focus on the development of research skills, promote collaboration with members of the Centre and other interested researchers and clinicians and will develop the exchange of ideas.

Webinars – Our Centre will offer a series of webinars and online seminars. These webinars will be presented by national and international experts in the field. They will be made available on-demand after each event.

We will release a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with the goal of providing guidance and training on the application of Treatable Traits. The MOOCs is a freely accessible, relevant, flexible, evidence based and sustainable resource for a global audience.

Training opportunities for the Centre’s fellows and research and education affiliates

The Masters of ASThma REseaRch (MASTERs) Programme will include four specific components aimed at developing both excellence in research and integration of early-mid career researchers (EMCRs) into expert national and international teams.

Masterclasses – These classes will: provide an opportunity for our research and education affiliates to develop skills in research techniques, provide training in the development of clinically important research and create opportunities for collaboration with leaders in respiratory research.

Preceptorship – This programme will provide specific training to Clinician-Researchers. Our cutting edge preceptorship classes will be focused on the Treatable Traits models of care, asthma in pregnancy, and in implementation science.

Career Acceleration – This programme will fund an international exchange for our talented fellows. This programme will enable the development of novel research techniques and foster international collaborations.

Innovate workshops – The purpose of the innovative workshops is to build capacity in research for early-mid career researchers (EMCRs), facilitate the development of collaborations and promote research excellence through the development of inter-and multidisciplinary research teams.