The Launch of the Asthma in Pregnancy Toolkit

Posted on Thursday 15th December 2022

Good asthma control during pregnancy reduces the risk of adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes. The was launched on the evening of the 1st of December with a presentation at HMRI and live Zoom screening.

Assoc. Prof. Vanessa Murphy led the project, with Professors Vanessa McDonald and Peter Gibson which was designed to ensure that health care professionals and families have access to the most up to date evidence-based treatments for pregnant women with asthma. The work was initiated in 2021, and developed in collaboration with over 50 national and international experts – bringing together over 20 years of discoveries in the field of asthma in pregnancy research. The Toolkit was developed in partnership with the Centre of Excellence in Treatable Traits, supported by funds from the Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundation and is endorsed by Asthma Australia and SOMANZ.

The Toolkit launch attracted over 50 attendees, with collaborators from Asthma Australia (Diane Percy – Health Projects & Partnerships Officer) and TSANZ (Graham Hall – CEO & Hannah Keep – Professional Development and Clinical Quality Manager) visiting HMRI for the event.

A health promotion program aligning with the Toolkit will roll out in the ACT in 2023 featuring a public awareness campaign and community workshops for health professionals. This program is funded as part of the ACT Health Promotions Grant Program and will be conducted in partnership with Asthma Australia